Houla Massacre

During the first presidential elections without Mubarak and since #Jan25, the Syrian regime entered a town near Homs called Houla.

According to activist testimony I heard on Al Jazeera, the regime’s army bombarded the city for many hours. After which, the so-called Shabbiha entered and killed in cold blood whole families. The UN observers confirmed at least 90 dead, among them more than 35 children under the age of 10!!!

More pictures of the massacre here at the following link https://plus.google.com/photos/114728041005795101274/albums/5746919350126773169?banner=pwa


How many more massacres will the world watch as our Syrian brothers endure what no one should be asked to endure?

  Your days are numbered Assad….

Watch this HipHop video by El Far3i – Asafir Al Houlah الفرعي -عصافير الحولة

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