Who Is Avaaz?

Who Is Avaaz?
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icecairo at re:publica 2014 INTO THE ...

icecairo at re:publica 2014 INTO THE WILD
+ACY-nbsp+ADs I posted full blog here My take on what Happened this year at re:publica pre:publica re:publica ice at re:publica 4. post:publica 5. The Crew +ACY-nbsp+ADs After the greatness of last year in Berlin, the Afrilabs and Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) decided to bring back so many amazing people in one place for the re:publica 2014 INTO THE [...]

Amiralx quotes for The Africa Report

Amiralx quotes for The Africa Report
More and more, the trend of entrepreneurship is picking up in Egypt and the region and the continent+ACE?? Usually the forces that control use mainstream trends to increase their share of the pie, and this is usually how these trends make it to the mainstream.?? It is the devices under the control of those at the top that propel shitty music or [...]

To My Good Friend, Niko Harlan (1979-...

To My Good Friend, Niko Harlan (1979-2013)
One year has passed, and I do indeed miss my friend.

Running around North Ethiopia +ACYAIw-038+ADs ...

Running around North Ethiopia & Addis
During Eid, Bassita and I booked a spontaneous trip to Addis just days before, I have a few comments. 20131012+AF8-161743.jpg 1. Don+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-t take a cab from airport. My usual traveling habits kicked up upon arrival, and it was immediately evident that this poor nation had an informal system to maximize profit from the tourism sector. Bu [...]

Street Art in Downtown Cairo

Street Art in Downtown Cairo
Su Zee writes a powerful article explaining the recent street art that appeared on the walls of the Armenian Church last week in Downtown Cairo. Note that this wall is similar to the famous Mohamed Mahmoud street in that it has been a gallery over the past 2 years of art reflecting socio political sentiment of revolutionaries in Egypt. [...]

[Video] Official Launch of icecairo

[Video] Official Launch of icecairo
We want Egyptians to make use of icecairo, so you gonna hear a lot more of me in Arabic, and maybe one day I won’t get away with telling people I am from West China, and that’s why I have an accent. (works now all the time)

icecairo at Kiki+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-s Deep South c...

icecairo at Kiki’s Deep South camp in Marsa Alam سخان طاقة شمسية شعبي by @simonjhanna
So I make it back down to Deep South after the debacle of Dec. 2010.?? I was officially kicked out of the region after what I did down there.?? But make no mistake, I have no regrets, one of the best dives of my life. But then I get genuinely invited by Kiki, the camp owner, because: We (icecairo) do this awesome project He feels Bashar made [...]

Watch +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-El Rass in Shehrezade D-...

Watch “El Rass in Shehrezade D-CAF Apr 2013″ on YouTube

Solar Hackathon: Building a Solar Wat...

Solar Hackathon: Building a Solar Water Heater at icecairo
blog Published on Friday, 12 April 2013 10:30 Written by Muhammad Radwan What is a Hackathon? Hackathons are when specialists and interested peoples congregate around a specific topic with the intent to break it down and collaborate. ??A presentation or discussion begins and then participants begin suggesting ideas and work groups depending [...]

Khairat The Giant +ACYAIw-8211+ADs OBEY graffi...

Khairat The Giant – OBEY graffiti
Picture taken in front of G+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-z Corner in Downtown Cairo, Egypt I spotted this picture in Downtown, Cairo.?? Sheer brilliance.?? I am not sure how many people, revolutionary or not, street wise or not, understood the origin. Obey Giant (1989 ??? 2008). Regarded by many as one of the most significant street art campaigns. Arguably one of t [...]

Demanding Dignity: Young Voices From ...

Demanding Dignity: Young Voices From the Front Lines of the Arab Revolutions
So I get an email from May Al Hassan back in Fall 2011 to see if I wanted to write a chapter in this book.?? She said Ahmed Shehab el Din from The Stream??he and were publishing it.?? I figured why not, I was going to write a book myself about the Syrian Party, so here+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-s a chance to get the story out. I had already started the blog just [...]

No MB and No Felool

No MB and No Felool
Some quick rambling here+ACYAIw-8230+ADs The events of the past year have shown us that the Muslim Brotherhood do not intend to work with anyone else in post-revolutionary Egypt.?? Since they sat with Omar Suleiman in the first 18 days of the revolution, their hunger for power superseded any real change as demands of the revolution were bargained with [...]

Syria in Zurich

Syria in Zurich
The River in Zurich Recently my friend Rayelle Niemann, +AEA-midanfini,?? invited me to speak at an event she was organizing in Zurich.?? The objective of the event was to highlight the plight of the Syrian people struggling in a revolution against Bashar that little Bitch, to educate the people of Zurich, and to increase the public interest. Nat [...]

Morsy fucked up+ACYAIw-8230+ADs-start the count...

Morsy fucked up…start the countdown
Last night Morsy+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-s big surprise speech, the one where he told all the Muslim Brothers to head to the street, just made him the dictator of Egypt. He decreed the following: Constituent Assembly stays, will not, cannot be dissolved+ACYAIw-8230+ADs-according to him Shura Council (full of MB) will not be dissolved Prosecutor General removed from off [...]